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As a fully qualified vocationally recognised GP, with a fellowship from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Sam specialises in providing excellent, high-quality healthcare to patients and their families.

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Medical services provided include mental health consultations, women’s health, chronic disease management, preventative care, health screening and promotion.

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Dr Sam cares about her patients and allows the time to listen.

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Embracing technology and increasing access to quality healthcare.

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Dr Sam believes that a busy life shouldn't get in the way of great medical care. Sam is committed to her patients and passionate about providing medical expertise at your convenience.

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TeleHealth Doctor Services

Dr Sam's TeleHealth services provide high-quality care to people who need it urgently, are travelling interstate or want advice from an experienced practitioner not available locally. With Dr Sam’s TeleHealth services, you can consult with an experienced doctor over the phone and get advice from a qualified medical practitioner without having to travel long distances or sit in a waiting room.

What Is TeleHealth?

TeleHealth is a form of telemedicine that allows patients to be assessed and treated remotely. The concept of TeleHealth has been around for some time, but it has only become widely used in recent years. It is now offered by many medical professionals as a way to improve access to care and provide patients with an alternative option when they do not have a regular doctor or cannot easily travel to see one.

With TeleHealth, you can easily consult your doctor without having to make a trip for an in-person checkup.

Why TeleHealth Is Important?

TeleHealth plays a critical role in making sure patients get the care they need, regardless of location, as well as alleviates the pressure on local hospitals, and makes healthcare more convenient by providing patients with easier access to health care.

For many rural and remote Australians, access to timely healthcare can be a challenge. TeleHealth helps overcome this by enabling patients in these areas to see a doctor without having to travel.

Over the past few years, Australians have embraced TeleHealth as a new medium for accessing healthcare services. As a result, more people are using TeleHealth to improve access to these services.

TeleHealth has plenty of advantages, including:

  • Maximizing the patient experience by cutting down travelling time, providing more convenience, and offering access to medical care from any State in Australia.
  • Reducing the burden on emergency departments by permitting patients to be treated at home or on the move.
  • Improving clinical outcomes by early intervention and remote observation of ailments such as asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Raising patient satisfaction through the ease of being able to access healthcare services in a timely manner.
  • Enhancing access to care for rural and remote areas.

TeleHealth consultations are an exciting way to get medical help, plus they are great for deterring the spread of illnesses. This is especially relevant if you cannot travel or must stay in quarantine/isolation due to COVID-19 public health orders.

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