Get to know Dr Sam

Dr Sam knows that trust and empathy is key to better doctor-patient relationships, ultimately leading to better health. As a fully qualified vocationally recognised GP, Dr Sam is excited about this new chapter in online healthcare and is passionate about being able to help more people achieve positive health outcomes.

As a health advocate and ally, Dr Sam gets great pleasure in knowing her patients achieve improved health outcomes as a result of her care.


Medical knowledge

Dr Sam has vast medical knowledge acquired through various experiences such as work as an emergency registrar, a general practitioner and regional hospital exposure. Assisting her to form a well-rounded approach to patient care. She has been practicing medicine since 2007. Finding her passion as a GP, she values her role in building patient-doctor relationships, having a vested interest in the wellbeing of her patients and providing excellent aftercare.

When she is not carrying the Dr title

Sam loves to spend her time practising yoga, swimming and cooking. Her Maylasian heritage comes out in the kitchen, with her desire to master her favourite recipes and explore the beautiful aromatic flavours of Malaysian and Indian cuisines.

Samreet also loves slowing down and spending time playing the piano and painting, a pastime she hopes to spend much more time enjoying. She has recently formed a passion for running in a bid to improve her overall cardiovascular fitness, with the hopes of completing her first half marathon in the near future.